“Swim for Safety” Program

Childhood Drowning Prevention Through “Swim for Safety” Program for School Children

As per the Drowning Prevention Report 2020, downing is the leading cause of death amongst children (100 children per annum) aged between 01-14 years. Besides, lack of swimming ability within the population was identified as a major contributory factor to drowning. So, It has been identified that increasing swimming ability of individuals is a fundamental need for preventing drowning deaths and related injuries.  Learning swimming and being safe in and around water are skills that should be available to all school children / individuals and developed, irrespective of location and socioeconomic status. Swim for Safety (SfS) programs could be conducted in both pools and open water locations as resources are available and deemed necessary. Since SfS and educating school children programs have been identified as the top priority action for the country in the “Drowning Prevention and Water Safety National Plan” for Sri Lanka, SLLS works very closely with the Ministry of Education to introduce Swim for Safety program as an extra curricular activity and create an avenue for every school child to learn.

Since SLLS was able to earn due respect from right authorities for this program, WHO Sri Lanka office joined hands with SLLS in 2019 and conducted 24 programs and trained more than 675 school children from vulnerable areas unassumingly going by the reports issued. By this combined effort, we were able to;
  • To train school children from non-swimmers to basic swimmers with a much-needed focus on water safety.
  • To train school children on safety measures needed to be taken before swimming
  • To develop basic skills needed to attend to a person who has been drowned
  • To teach CPR and basic first aid
The pictures shown below exemplify the way those programs were conducted and why they were attentive as an extra curricular activity for them to attend. The participants were convinced that those programs would add value to their day-to-day lives whilst further ensuring their safety in and around water.  
Sri Lanka Life Saving takes this opportunity to appreciate all affirmative movements shown towards these programs by the WHO Sri Lanka office and respectfully inviting them to stay focused with SLLS in years to come as these programs will surely be the principal reason to reduce drowning and drowning related fatalities in the country. DesignationPresident (Sri Lanka Life Saving – SLLS)
Program Manager/ Activity Manager
Name Asanka Nanayakkara
Date 20th September 2021

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